Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Girls!!

Well we've been very busy recently. The girls turned 1 last Wednesday, November 23rd. We had their birthday party Saturday. It was a lot of fun and we really appreciated all that came and sent cards. Dustin and I went to TX 2 weeks ago and we found a house to rent. It is small and old, but the price is right. We will only be a few blocks away from campus. We are still trying to figure jobs out. Hopefully that will become more clear within the next month. We will be moving the first of Jan. Before the girls birthday we got the stomach bug again, YUCK!!! Christmas is right around the corner. We have many things planned with our families before we move. The girls are doing good. Taylor has taken 12 steps, but she is still a little scared to walk. Cameron is cruising around the furniture but falls face first if she trys to walk. Basically thats our news.

More cake please!!! Posted by Picasa

Yummy!!!! Posted by Picasa

They have loved palying with the ballons. Posted by Picasa

I'm ready for my cake! Posted by Picasa

We got some piggy banks to start saving for the future. Posted by Picasa

Grrrrrrrr! Posted by Picasa

Yeah!!!! Posted by Picasa

I think Cameron blinked. Posted by Picasa

Taylor loves Lily! Posted by Picasa

Taylor looks like such a big girl with her new backpack. This is how Taylor sits all the time. Posted by Picasa

They got these little backpacks that are just to cute. This is Cameron. Posted by Picasa

I couldn't get them to unwrap any of the presents. Posted by Picasa

Checking out some new stuff. Posted by Picasa

Cameron's visiting with everybody that came. Posted by Picasa

Taylor playing during the party. Posted by Picasa

Happy 1st Birthday Cameron & Taylor!!! Posted by Picasa

Well we're about to outgrow our camo outfits so I wanted to try to get some better pictures. The last time they were both screaming. Posted by Picasa

Here we are on our new ride on toys.  Posted by Picasa

Taylor in her camo. Posted by Picasa

Cameron in her camo. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 31, 2005

For Halloween we dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat. Since Cameron was Baby A and born first she was Thing 1 and Taylor was Thing 2. Posted by Picasa

We are ready to go out trick or treating Posted by Picasa

Cameron is still pretty wobbly when it comes to standing, but Taylor is real good. Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloween!!! Posted by Picasa

Here's our family picture. Aren't they just cuties!!! Posted by Picasa