Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Merry Belated Christmas to everyone. We had a great Christmas and got lots of fun things. Cameron & Taylor's favorite things seem to be all their Dora stuff. They fell in love with Dora over Thanksgiving and got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas. Thank you to everyone for all of their wonderful gifts. Posted by Picasa

We got a table from Santa and we had fun sitting at the table to open all of our Christmas presents. Posted by Picasa

Cameron's excited about her new bath toys that she got from Santa. Posted by Picasa

We got cool duck towels from Daddy-O and Debbie. Thanks!!! Posted by Picasa

We had a lot of little girls at the Christmas party at Cici and Papa's house. Here's Lilly, Cheyenne, Cameron & Taylor. Posted by Picasa

Our cousin Sophie loved her new chair that we got her. Posted by Picasa

Daddy having fun opening presents with his girls. Posted by Picasa

Taylor is completely loving her huge candy cane that she got from Grandmother & Jack. Posted by Picasa

Cameron sporting her cool new sunglasses that we got with their Walmart gift card. Posted by Picasa

Dustin and his sister's. Dustin, Meredith, Linsey & Kerry. Kerry's 6 months preggo with her 3rd little girl. We've decided that we're the girl making family.  Posted by Picasa