Saturday, May 14, 2005

Both of the girls are rolling now. This was while they were both playing on the floor showing us their rolling skills. Posted by Hello

Cutie Taylor! minus the spitup Daddy didn't wipe off before taking the pic. Posted by Hello

Cutie Cameron! Posted by Hello

Cameron uses her paci to fall asleep. Posted by Hello

Taylor loves to suck her thumb!! She sucks her thumb to go to sleep almost every time. Posted by Hello

We went camping in the backyard. We put the girls in the tent to protect them from the sun. Posted by Hello

Here's Taylor in the tent. Posted by Hello

Here's Cameron in the tent. Posted by Hello

Hey!!!!! Posted by Hello

We had a lot of fun. The girls played in the tent while Dustin and I grilled out and ate dinner outside. Posted by Hello

Playing in the tent. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mommies Day

My 1st mommies day went good. Dustin woke me up with a Happy Mother's Day and a really sweet card. He got us tickets to go to see Stomp in the city on the 26th. That's gonna be fun. Then we went to church and I got a bouquet of pretty flowers from all of our friends there. After church we went to lunch at the Olive Garden. Yummm!! Then we went home and got back to the reality of a messy house and a stack of laundry. It was time for naps and 2 little girls screamed b/c they didn't want to take a nap. And then guess what time for babies to eat. It seems like its always time for babies to eat and they only get 4 bottles a day now. Well they are asleep for the night, hopefully. I really did enjoy my first mothers day. I love being a mommy (most of the time!) It's a hard job!! I love you Cameron & Taylor!!!! And Dustin thanks for making my day special.