Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At the Zoo

The girls and I went to the zoo a couple of days before Halloween. I thought I would brag on myself a little bit since I've had a rough time recently. Of course this weekend I was sick, again. Taylor & I both had the stomach bug during the night Saturday night. So I don't think I have taken any pictures since Halloween. I know that the 6 people who do read my blog are wondering if I will ever post Halloween pics and of course I will, BUT it might be a while. We took Halloween pics with our 35 mm. So that means I will actually have to go to the store and get a disc to put them on the blog. I have made videos of Peyton saying ba, da, ba, ba, ba and of her rocking with much frustration that she can't move her arms. She is now doing a great army crawl. It's kind of funny because she gets so angry that she can't get there quickly that she really is like a soldier grunting while crawling. I have video of Taylor spelling words. I will try to get some of this video on the blog, but for me that is harder to do. I know I'll have to carve out a huge window of time. So on to our zoo trip story.

Most people who know me know that I am pretty cheap. I try very hard to not blow our money, but to still do fun things with the girls. I often hit up the free outings. We have found many fun things that we can do for free here in the DFW area. But I also wanted to take the girls to the zoo again. We haven't been in a year and a half. So the last time we went the girls were still free to get in. So I had a plan!! Our mom's group started talking about going and I suggested we go on Wednesday. That's half price Wed. Some of the mom's weren't so sure b/c they thought it would be way to busy. But we scheduled it for Wed!!! Well I also decided that it was ridiculous to pay 5 dollars to park when there is free parking less than 1/4 of a mile away. So I put the girls in a stroller and Peyton was in the sling. I haven't used a stroller for the girls in forever, but I decided since I was by myself I couldn't carry both of them at the end of the day if they were worn out. It was nice b/c once we were in the zoo the girls walked and looked at the animals and Peyton rode in the stroller. Well we hung out with our friends and had a blast. I only packed a half lunch because I have to admit I LOVE buying food while I'm out. I usually don't, but decided we would splurg for that at the zoo. I took the girls drinks and a snack so they could easily split some shicken. All the other families went home shortly after lunch and the girls and I decided to finish the 2nd half of the zoo. We stayed until the zoo closed at 4. We had a blast and we it wasn't bad. Everyone was dead asleep for the ride home. I was impressed with myself!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Well I fell off the blogging roll because I got sick. Last Friday morning I woke up with Mastitis ( if you don't already know what this is you can look it up.) Well it has flu like symptoms. I had high fever and I was throwing up. It was awful!! I was so sad because I wasn't able to do all that I wanted to do with the girls for Halloween. I had planned on waking up and putting the girls hair in sponge rollers for the first time. It was so frustrating because there was no way that I could take them trick r treating or to our old churches trunk r treat. Dustin came home and helped me with the girls. I was feeling better until Saturday night I started to feel a cold sore coming on. Well by Sunday morning I woke up with cold sores all over my lips and the inside of my mouth. Well since then I barely even want to go out into public. We did go to school on Tuesday & Thursday but not to much activity this week.

I need to take some pictures of the girls. They love school and are both doing great in their classes. They're in different classes which I wasn't sure about, but has been great. They are both very close to learning to read. I am so proud of them. They are also both writing all their numbers and letters, needless to say they don't write them exactly right. Today Taylor counted on her fingers to 9 and showed me her 9 fingers. Then Cameron told me that was 5 & 4. So they said 5 & 4 makes 9. I mean come on my girls are so stinkin smart. I realized the other day that I should take a picture of their names that they've written. Taylor will sit down and write everyone in our families names.

Peyton is growing like a weed. She is 6 months old an is so close to crawling. She can sit up for the most part. I still typically put something behind her because on a couple of occasions she toppled over. She struggled a little bit with the time change. She is wanting to still wake up an hour earlier. Yesterday was better so I'm hoping she's adapting. At home she sticks to a schedule very well she takes a morning nap between 9:30 & 10 and sleeps for 2 hours. Then naps again from 2-4. She might fall asleep for a short nap, but not always. On the other hand on school days she struggles with naps. She usually takes a 30 min. nap in the morning and 30 min. to an hour nap in the afternoon. Then comes home and takes an hour nap in the evening. Then she is semi fussy the rest of the evening. Peyton is my sweet baby. I snuggle and love on her continuously throughout the day. Taylor is also obsessed with Peyton. She loves to feed her, although most of the food ends up on the bib. Peyton originally didn't do well with baby food, but now loves it. She also loves real food. She loves crackers, crust to my pizza, and a banana.

OK this was a short post that turned into a long one.