Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well we had a fun time camping for our Spring Break. The plan was to stay 3 days and 2 nights, but it didn't quite work out that way. We got there Wed. and a little while after we got there we were able to go out on one of the pontoon boats to go fishing. The girls were so excited. They picked out their own poles and amazingly neither of them picked Dora. Wow, I was shocked! Instead Taylor got a Barbie pole and Cameron got a princess pole. They had practiced casting the whole day before and had each twisted their line up a couple of times. So they had started to get the hang of casting. I was excited to take them fishing until I remembered that they have to actually cast with a hook on the line. Wach time they reached back to cast I was ducking for cover. Ohhh... and while we were getting ready to get onto the boat Cameron tripped over a rope on the dock. She busted her lip and was bleeding all over the place. No fear I have a pad in my purse. It was sad because she was crying a lot a I was holding a pad up to her face. Kinda funny!! So the whole time we were on the boat she was a little sad b/c it was still hurting. She busted it pretty bad. She kind of looked a little like Angelina Jolie! We didn't catch any fish and I remembered that fishing is kind of boring.

Our neighbors let us borrow their pop up trailer and the girls loved it. We went to a lake that our friends Lauren, Brian, & Brayden moved to a while back ago. Brian works at the boy scout camp there on the lake. So we weren't at an actual campground. We didn't have bathrooms, water and only one normal outlet. The girls loved it!! They liked their bed in the pop-up. When we went back to the pop-up to get ready for the night we were driving the dirt path back to where the pop-up was and we came up on a TX longhorn getting a drink of water in the middle of the path in a mud puddle. It was quite funny, Lauren said his name is Big Tex and that he's friendly. We plugged in some lights insidethe trailer so we would be able to see that night after dinner. We ate dinner at our friends house and even got to play on their Wii a little bit. The girls love to play on Wii's. Weee would love to have a Wiii, they're so fun.

On Day 2 the girls and I went canoeing with Lauren and Brayden. It was so fun!!! We rowed out in a cove over to a rocky beach. The kiddos loved throwing the rocks and looking for shells. Lauren rowed all over the place and I reminded her that my little muscles couldn't do all that rowing. We got to see & hear all kinds of animals. We are so thankful that we were able to go on a camping trip for Spring break.

The boy scout camp allows someone to use their land for some free range cows, which explains big Tex. Here's another cow friend that we saw after canoeing.

In case your wondering why we didn't stay both nights it's because Peyton wasn't feeling great and didn't sleep at all the first night. She cried and I was up with her most of the night. We were both sleepy and needed a good nights sleep the next night.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Super late ~Halloween Pics!!!

This is mostly for the grandparents because I do realize how unbelievably late it is in being posted. I waited forever to get this film developed because you know it's the old timey 35mm film. So here are my cuties on Halloween being princesses. I fully planned on doing their hair up and making them into adorable princesses, but instead I woke up extremely sick. Since I stayed in bed all day I didn't get to enjoy Halloween like I usually do.

Besides that the big girls were a little sick this week. Taylor had yet another asthma attack. She's doing better now and we didn't end up at the ER. Yea!! We've been super busy with church. Peyton is almost 11 months old. This past week she has started to show more interest in walking. She'll pull up on a push toy and walk it around. She's also decided this week to start showing a little bit of her attitude. She's throwing some fits and gets extremely frustrated if you don't immediately give her more food when she grunts. I've tried to teach her sign language and she seems to get even angrier. If I sign more to her she gets so mad at me, like she's just saying stop all the procrastinating and give me more food.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vote Again!!!

Follow the link in the next post and keep voting. Help me out and tell as many people as you can. A couple of the other kiddos already have like 200 votes. I know my girlies are cuter and bigger fans, so keep voting. I need everyone's help.