Monday, March 16, 2009

Super late ~Halloween Pics!!!

This is mostly for the grandparents because I do realize how unbelievably late it is in being posted. I waited forever to get this film developed because you know it's the old timey 35mm film. So here are my cuties on Halloween being princesses. I fully planned on doing their hair up and making them into adorable princesses, but instead I woke up extremely sick. Since I stayed in bed all day I didn't get to enjoy Halloween like I usually do.

Besides that the big girls were a little sick this week. Taylor had yet another asthma attack. She's doing better now and we didn't end up at the ER. Yea!! We've been super busy with church. Peyton is almost 11 months old. This past week she has started to show more interest in walking. She'll pull up on a push toy and walk it around. She's also decided this week to start showing a little bit of her attitude. She's throwing some fits and gets extremely frustrated if you don't immediately give her more food when she grunts. I've tried to teach her sign language and she seems to get even angrier. If I sign more to her she gets so mad at me, like she's just saying stop all the procrastinating and give me more food.

So remember to keep voting for my girlies on Nick Jr.

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Katie said...

They look adorable! I have been voting for the girls almost everyday. You should go to a computer store or the library and vote on all those computers too. I would totally do that, but then again I am prone to pushing the lines on cheating. Hope you guys are doing good.