Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas Day

Our trip back to TN was crazy. It rained most of the way with flooding really bad in Little Rock, AR. Then we got about an hour outside of Dallas and it started snowing. Well once we got closer to Dallas we hit major traffic. We were rerouted by our friends through downtown Dallas, b/c of the horrible traffic. Then the ice got pretty bad. We saw many cars off the side of the road or sliding all over the road. The good news was we made it home safely. It was a hard drive, but the other good news was that we then had a white Christmas. We went outside immediately after opening presents and all 3 girls had a blast. Bad Mom that I am I didn't take a single picture of the girls opening their Christmas presents.

Trip to TN part2

The next stop was Nannie's house. I didn't do a good job of taking pics on the days we opened gifts and visited with family. While at Nannie's we were so sad that MeeMaw passed away. Like I said I didn't do so good with the pics, so here are the few that I took.

Trip to TN part 1

First stop was Cici & Papa's house. Unfortunately all 3 girls + myself were sick. So it was a tough visit. It was also cold, so we were happy when it warmed up. The girls started feeling a little better too, so we went out for a bit to fish and swing.

Christmas time

When we went to see Santa the girls wrote letters and gave them to Santa. If you cant read them I'll help you out.

This one is Taylor's. It says, "Dear Santa, May I please have a buzz lightyear? love Taylor

Here's Cameron's. It says, "Dear Santa, May I please have moon shoes? (heart) Cameron

Here are the girlies with their rudolph antlers & noses! So cute!!!

We were so excited to get to see Santa at our friend Armani's Santa birthday party. Our family pic with Santa is below. It was so nice to not have to go to the mall and wait in line.