Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last Wednesday night I stayed up really late blogging. Before I went to sleep my stomach felt weird. It felt kind of like hunger pains. I didn't think to much of it and went to sleep. At 4 in the morning I woke up with extreme pain in my stomach on my right side. I tried to with stand the pain and go back to sleep. Well within 15 min. I woke up Dustin & told him I was hurting bad. He was half asleep and just kind of said OK. He finally woke up and looked up my symptoms on the computer. I took some gas pills, thinking if this is just gas maybe it would help. Well within 15 more minutes I told Dustin I was going to the hospital.

I decided if I was driving I was going to the closest hospital. I haven't ever been there before and I don't know of many people who use this hospital. The ER got me back pretty quickly. After hearing me moan from pains they finally gave me some pain meds. I then had to drink 2 of these super large bottles of this nasty concentration. They did a CT scan. The good news is the pain meds helped me feel a lot better. The bad news was the nasty concentration tore my stomach up. So I was in and out the potty for the next several hours.

At 10 the Dr. came in and told me that it is definitely my appendix. He said I would need it out asap. So at 11 the surgeon came and asked me if I was ready. NOOOO!!! I'm here alone and my husband is trying to get up here. The good news is they were a little slower at getting me upstairs and ready. Dustin was able to get the girls dropped off and up to the hospital literally before they rolled me to the OR. Thank you so much Dorothy for watching the girls!!!

Recovery was OK. It took me a while to really wake up. The hardest part was dealing with pumping to keep my supply good. I think I missed 7 hours between pumping. I'm still trying to decide if we're back to normal. Well I went home on Friday. After I told my mom I was going to surgery, her and my grandmother jumped in the car and drove to TX from TN. So my mom came and picked me up from the hospital. The first couple of days I felt bad. I was still hunched over pretty bad. I felt a little like a wimp because they did laparoscopic surgery. The good news is now 5 days out I feel so much better. Needless to say I still have to be cautious about what I pick up. I can pick Peyton up, but in her carseat she is way to heavy. So that is my appendix story. I said bye to it last Thursday at the hospital.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My 4 month old

Peyton is already 4 months old. I know shocker they get older and bigger, but it really is amazing to witness a baby growing a little bit every day. She is awesome. St her Dr's appointment she got some more dreaded shots and we got her latest stats. She is 14.6 lbs. which is in the 75th % and 25 1/2 in. which is in the 90th%. So I think she's going to be tall. Cool!! So here's some pics of her and the girls.

My Birthday & our funny girls

Well this past weekend was my birthday. Friday night Dustin & I went to downtown Fort Worth had dinner. After we finished we walked around a little, then we found a bench and enjoyed some people watching. It was so fun, downtown FW was hopping. This was a combo anniversary/birthday dinner and we really enjoyed ourselves. On my actual birthday, Sunday, we went to church. I got to work in the nursery and got a gift from the lady in charge of the preschool. She gave me a Coke & a piece of cake. Oh how I love my Coke. Then home for lunch and I got to take a nap, BONUS!!! After naps Dustin made a cake and we had a little family celebration. It was nice. Here's a pic of my cake!!!

The girls have been cracking us up a lot recently and I'm determined I'm going to better about writing it down. So I thought I would tell y'all about one of their favorite things to do now. They love to play with their blocks. They started one day making horses with their blocks. For a while now they've been making them and then putting what they call wings on them. Well the other night Dustin was talking to them about their horses and Cameron said "when they get angry they have a plam." She often makes up words to name things. Dustin said "a what?" Taylor then helped him sound it out and the spelled it together to make sure he was saying it right. So when I walked in they started telling about it, they said the stuff about getting angry and having a plam. I of course said, " what are you saying?" and Taylor then said in her matter of fact way, "You know mommy a plam, P-L-A-M." So I took some pics of their horses. I think the plam is the orange piece across the tops of the horses backs in the 2nd picture. Oh by the way the tall one is a giraffe with it's baby.

An award/tagged

OK so I typically ignore these types of things, but since I got 2 awards and was tagged by a new friend I thought I would roll it into one post. So here is my award. I am so honored to be chosen by Jessica and her little sister Mary as a blog worthy of an award. That's my lame thank you speech. So the 2nd part of that is that I'm supposed to nominate 7 other people for the award and it's not that I don't think other people are worthy of this honor. NO! It is that I am too lazy and since I think it is still mostly our families reading this they don't understand why they're reading about some silly award and not getting the goods ( pictures of my beautiful babies.) The 2nd game is that I have been tagged by Jennifer. A great new friend that I've met in my mom's group. So here it goes:

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules to your blog
3. Write 6 random things about myself
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them
5. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

Random Things
1. I evaded an officer when I was 17. Funny story maybe I'll tell it sometime.
2. I was on a jump rope team in Elementary school.
3. I have been a lifeguard for more than 10 years off and on.
4. My favorite sound is the sound of popping open a can of Coca Cola.
5. I have watched the Olympics obsessively.
6. I love scrapbooking!!

Now once again I have no plans of tagging anyone else. I am now going to start a new post and put up some pics of my adorable girls.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cameron & Taylor swimming

Well now that I'm so high tech I had to try to get another video on here. I would have a thousand on here the only problem is that I can only use our borrowed Mac to put videos on the computer. We don't have a certain wire to put them on the Dell. The Mac is an old dying computer. Trust me it has seen better days. It's nice to have, but it dies often. And when your trying to do something big it will die. So last night as I was trying to get this other video it died on me at least 8 times before I quit. Each time I got a little closer to getting the video saved. So finally I got back on today & got it on the second time. So here's a video of the girls swimming when they 1st started doing it at my Dad's house. They're both doing better now, although Cameron still would rather just spend the whole time in her swimmies. I really have to talk her into taking them off.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Peyton's rolling over!!

Peyton has rolled over from her belly to her back a few times. Usually I have to place her hands up under her face. Today she decided she's ready to roll over from her back to her stomach. She's is so strong! I promise if her upper body was strong enough to hold her chest up she would be able to crawl.

So we video taped her and I finally had Dustin show me how to put a video on the computer. I'm so high tech now.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things in My House Thursday

I have a baby that sleeps really well in my house. I'm so proud of my little Peyton. She is a textbook Baby Wise baby. I am so thankful that God has given me such a good baby. She sleeps really well and doesn't spit up really bad like the girls did. She loves to smile and laugh. So here's my sleeping baby with her glow worm.

If you would like to participate in Things in my House Thursday go over to MSM's blog.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I love the Olympics!!!! I am such a huge fan of Michael Phelps and I love swimming. Oh how I wish I could have been on a swim team when I was younger. I was actually lying in bed last night wondering if I could go to a local swim team and ask them if I could watch, and maybe swim. I want to be like their old lady mascot. My idol right now is Dara Torres ( only for her ability to swim so well at her age.) I just watched the 4 X 100 relay and it was amazing. I love swimming!!! I'm so on edge every time I watch Phelps swim. He is amazing. I hope y'all are watching because these Olympics have been very exciting.

On a side note, tomorrow I go back to reality. Dustin will be back to work. His new teacher training is tomorrow. I know most of you are like "cry me a river," but I've kind of gotten used to him being home. We do our own thing usually during the day, but he helps me load up the car whenever we're headed somewhere. Also whenever I'm nursing he helps if the girls need something. So like I said back to reality. (tear)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mr. Handyman

My friend Jessica's mom is hosting a fun thing called Things In My House Thursday. I can't think of any fun random thing in my house, other than a slew of toys. So I thought I would show y'all my new shower that my new found handyman made me!!!

My hubby is trying so hard to become a handyman and guess what, he's getting pretty good at this stuff. After Peyton was born we noticed that some tiles in our shower were leaning in. So eventually one of them cracked and Dustin pushed it a little to see what was wrong and several tiles fell in and broke. So unfortunately we found out that the board, insulation and other things were mildew/moldy. YUCK!!! So Dustin partnered with a friend of ours and they redid both showers. His was similar to ours so they started with his. On ours they had to get out the old tile plus the concrete under it and the shower pan. Then start over with a new shower pan and new concrete. Dustin has finally been working on the new tile and it looks great. He's run into a few problems here & there but for the most part it has gone smoothly. I looked for a before picture that I took of the shower when we had just bought the house, but I think I deleted it. So here are some pics of our shower now.

Dentists Visit

The girls did amazingly well at the visit. No crying or whining and in fact they both said it was fun. Yeah!!! Since my girls have a chance of having my teeth it is imperative that they feel comfortable at the dentist (orthodontist). Taylor especially liked Mr. Sucker, the thing that sucks out your spit. She loved closing her lips around it. Cameron was a little more timid and kept trying to sit up after each thing the dental hygenist did. The best part was to find out that the free toothbrushes that they had to give the girls were Dora!!! Oh if you know my girls, they love Dora. To top it off, Cameron's was a mermaid Dora. Cameron is Ariel so it was very fitting. It was a good visit, now I need to go. Hmmm... all I hear are more bills being laid in my mail box.

Taylor with the cool glasses to keep the light from bothering her.

Cameron using Mr. Sucker and giving her
"not sure about this look."

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Ok for my 6 readers I've decided I'm going to commit myself to posting more often. I'm going to post stories and pictures, instead of just pictures. I've been reading more & more blogs, especially since Jessica introduced me to google reader. It is great!!! Now I have more time to find other blogs that I enjoy & add them to my list, so that I can stay up even later.

Dustin has told me that I have blog envy. It's true!!! I want to do more with my blog. The sad thing is that even though I've been doing this for 4 years I still don't know how to do many things. So help me learn. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but I don't know how to put a link in my post. So like up where I said Jessica's name, I don't know how to make her name a link to her blog. ?????? I know I should know how to do this. I want to make a cute signature, that looks like a scrapbook thing. I would link to an example, but once again I don't know how. It's sad I know. I also want to add a cute header, but once again ?????. I was very proud of myself for changing the background, but that took me all night. Tonight I added a counter and I want it to be under the archives list, but it is staying above the about me section. Seriously, HELP ME!!!!

Woo hoo!!! I'm learning! I've made some links and I'm going to spend sometime tonight working on the signature, thanks for the help thus far. I will call out more when I need y'all

The girls went to the dentist office today and I'll post some pics from that tomorrow.