Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Birthday & our funny girls

Well this past weekend was my birthday. Friday night Dustin & I went to downtown Fort Worth had dinner. After we finished we walked around a little, then we found a bench and enjoyed some people watching. It was so fun, downtown FW was hopping. This was a combo anniversary/birthday dinner and we really enjoyed ourselves. On my actual birthday, Sunday, we went to church. I got to work in the nursery and got a gift from the lady in charge of the preschool. She gave me a Coke & a piece of cake. Oh how I love my Coke. Then home for lunch and I got to take a nap, BONUS!!! After naps Dustin made a cake and we had a little family celebration. It was nice. Here's a pic of my cake!!!

The girls have been cracking us up a lot recently and I'm determined I'm going to better about writing it down. So I thought I would tell y'all about one of their favorite things to do now. They love to play with their blocks. They started one day making horses with their blocks. For a while now they've been making them and then putting what they call wings on them. Well the other night Dustin was talking to them about their horses and Cameron said "when they get angry they have a plam." She often makes up words to name things. Dustin said "a what?" Taylor then helped him sound it out and the spelled it together to make sure he was saying it right. So when I walked in they started telling about it, they said the stuff about getting angry and having a plam. I of course said, " what are you saying?" and Taylor then said in her matter of fact way, "You know mommy a plam, P-L-A-M." So I took some pics of their horses. I think the plam is the orange piece across the tops of the horses backs in the 2nd picture. Oh by the way the tall one is a giraffe with it's baby.

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Dorothy said...

Love the cake!! Adorable!! I can not believe how big the baby is already Seriously DIDN'T you just have her????