Saturday, August 13, 2005

Moving soon

Hey guys I thought I would explain why it took me so long before I put up new pics. Our hard drive crashed on our computer and I have to use friends to get things done. The girls and I will be flying on Mon. Aug 22 to Memphis. It will be a few days before we get to Huntingdon and get to update it again. I will try my best to update 1 more time before moving. We'll see!!! Our girls weigh 19 & 20 pounds. Of course Cameron weighs more. She's our chunky monkey.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ian pushing Taylor at the park. Posted by Picasa

Cameron swinging at the park today. Posted by Picasa

Daddy & his girls!! Posted by Picasa

Silly Taylor!! Posted by Picasa

Sweet Cameron!! Posted by Picasa

We were playing on the porch before baths one night. Posted by Picasa

Cameron & Taylor. I couldn't get them to actually look at the camera. Posted by Picasa

We are big girls now crawling all over the place. Posted by Picasa

here are our little girls sleeping in the car. Posted by Picasa

Here are our little girls napping in the car.  Posted by Picasa