Monday, December 22, 2008


Picture People pics

The link above will get you to the website, but you need my password to see the pics. If you want to see the pics call me or message me for the password.
I'm trying to create a link where you can go and look at the pictures the girls took today. Grandparents if you would like a page it is $20.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 01, 2008


For the girls birthday we bought them their first real bicycles. We had the bikes set up close to where they were opening their presents, but they never really noticed them. Then they opened their helmets & I asked them what they needed helmets for and they said bikes. Then I showed them the bikes. I don't think they quite got it at first, but after a few minutes they were so excited. The cool thing was there was a perfect place for them to ride all around.

Tati held Peyton while I was watching the girls ride their bikes.

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Cowgirl birthday!!

For the girls birthday party this year I decided I wanted to have something more than just a birthday at home. For their 1st birthday we had it at Dustin's mom's house while we were living there. For their 2nd birthday we had it at my mom's house on Thanksgiving day. For their 3rd birthday we had it at our house. We had some fun kids gym equipment to add a little more to the party. Well like I said I was determined to do something different this year. So I started researching places to have a party. Well it's really expensive to have a birthday party. I'm ready for them to be old enough to have a sleepover birthday. Finally I found the science museum and remembered that the last Friday of the month is Family free Friday. Their birthday is at the end of the month so I started thinking we could piggy back off of the free day. Well a couple of weeks later I realized that the science museum is being renovated and it is combined with the cowgirl museum right next door. So one Saturday I went into Fort Worth to visit the cowgirl museum and see if there would be enough for the kids to do. While there I decided we would do a themed cowgirl birthday party. The girls were so excited as we started planning. I got them pink cowgirl boots & a pink hat on Ebay. The girls looked adorable in their cowgirl clothes. I made a boot "cupcake" cake. I was kind of excited about it.

In front of the museum

Cupcake Boot

Peyton on a horse.

This is the cookie cake that I made 2 of for the girls to take to school.


Peyton is officially crawling. She army crawled for about a week or so. Now she can crawl, but randomly she'll still crash face first into the ground. She loves being able to crawl she can go all over the place. So of course we are moving things constantly so she isn't swallowing things that she shouldn't. Picture taking is really hard now. But here's a few of Peyton.


Since I didn't get to curl the girls hair for Halloween, because I was sick, I curled their hair for church one Saturday night. They slept in the sponge rollers and did great. So look at how cute they are.