Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cameron's not very happy. She's on the left and Taylor's on the right. Posted by Hello

Cameron- they're getting big. Posted by Hello

Taylor- this is a 0-3 mos. outfit. Posted by Hello

We know we're cute!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

The girls are 2 months old today. Cameron's in the bright pink and Taylor's in the light pink. Posted by Hello

check out our chubby legs!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

chillin' Posted by Hello

Taylor Posted by Hello

Cameron Posted by Hello

She's looking at her daddy. They were playing. Posted by Hello

Here's Taylor smiling. Posted by Hello

Cameron's looking at me instead of the camera. Posted by Hello

Here's Cameron about to smile. It's hard to time the picture perfect. Posted by Hello

We had our first big snow this weekend. It snowed about 15 in. Posted by Hello

I'm hanging out with the girls. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This isn't the cutest shot but it's a good close up of their faces. Posted by Hello

Extreme close up of their mad faces. For these next few pics. Cameron is wearing white and Taylor is wearing pink. Posted by Hello

I think they are starting to get mad at me here. Posted by Hello

cute! cute! cute! Posted by Hello

They are almost both smiling in this one. Posted by Hello

They are almost to big to both fit in one boppy. Of course I only do that for pictures otherwise they each have their own. Posted by Hello

Aren't they just too cute!  Posted by Hello

The girls chillin' in the boppy. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dr.'s visit

We went to the Dr. this past Friday and the girls are both doing good. They are 7 weeks today. Last night we fed them last at 12:00 and they didn't wake up until 5:45. I was able to give them their pacifiers and keep them calm until 6:45. That's when we fed them this morning. I was excited maybe this means we are a little closer than I thought to sleeping longer and through the night. This is huge!!!! Well the Dr. says that Taylor weighs 9 lbs. and Cameron weighs 8 1/2 lbs. They are really growing. My days are hard. Its hard to feed them and take care of them by myself. Its especially hard when they are both very fussy. WE're making it though. They have conquered thier first milestone. As of New Years Day bothof the girls can follow things with their eyes. It's really special to us that we know they see us. Well I'll update again soon.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dustin took a picture of the Brooklyn bridge while his mom and sister visited. They loved seeing the city. Posted by Hello

The girls love laying in the boppy. We try to put them in the swing or their bouncy chair but they love the boppy, Posted by Hello