Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas a little late

Well Christmas cards never made it out this year either. I think I've decided that me 3 kids and cards just don't seem to work. Next year I'm determined to actually mail out cards. I loved every card we got from our friends and family. We got some really cool cards. Unfortunately with us going out of town before Christmas it just didn't get done. We did take a really cute family pic that I planned on sending out for Christmas. We hope your family had a wonderful Christmas and enjoys 2010.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

The Walker's

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cool bug and Silly Stuff

The girls & I spotted this cool bug, I guess it's a grasshopper. It was huge and so fun to watch. We watched him for quite a while as he crawled up a tree.

Here are some of the funny things the girls have said recently. I'm not so good about writing these things down. So here goes:

*One night it was bedtime and Cameron had run to our room to go to the bathroom. She had already been told several times that it was time for bed. We were all waiting for her in their room, to read a story. Dustin finally went to check on her and when he walked in our room he couldn't help but laugh. We had gotten the Easter eggs out that day to have an egg hunt in the backyard for fun and she had found the eggs. He asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'm putting the little eggs in the big eggs." - bless her heart she is so easily distracted, I do the same thing when I'm cleaning.

*A couple of weeks ago we were out in the backyard and I decided to rake all the leaves in to a big pile to play in. The girls loved it the ran and jumped in them, they threw the leaves in the air, and they laid down in them. Taylor asked me, "Why are we playing in the leaves?" and me being the cocky cool mom said, "Because I'm a fun mommy!" Then Taylor said, "and sometimes your an angry mommy!" Touche' my dear!

*This isn't really silly, I'm just very proud of how smart my girls are. While still 4 years old Taylor told me the other day that she can count backwards from 20 now. Then she counted from 20 to 1 & skipped 13, but fixes it. Then I asked her how she learned that and she said from the wall in my classroom. She is so observant. She also learned to spell one from the wall in her classroom. She truly observes the room to find more things to learn. One day at lunch at school she noticed that the wall in our play area said one. I was shocked she new how to read one and she told me she learned in her room.

*The last funny thing is about the peace sign. While Mimi and Papa were here, Mimi was wearing a shirt with a peace sign on it. The girls noticed it and said it was a birds foot with a circle around it. And I mean come on if you think about it that is exactly what it is. So ironically Mimi had already bought them shirts with a birds foot and circles. Then Taylor wanted the bear at Build-a-bear with a birds foot and a circle around it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

***Warning-this is long and full of lots of pics!!***
I can't believe it but Cameron and Taylor are 5 years old today. I mean that's one whole hand. They have grown and matured so much. This has been a fun year filled with lots of fits. I keep hoping the fits will lesson, but we still get to experience them. On a good note they have grown like crazy and have long hair again. They are both reading very well. There are several books that they can read independently. Last spring they ended school in the 3 year old class as 4 year olds that could read several sight words and blend most 3 letter words. During summer they learned how to swim all over again. They started swimming summer of 08, but summer of 09 they spent the whole summer in the pool. Since I worked at the water park we were there a lot. Cameron and Taylor have both fallen in love with Peyton. They love her in different ways though. Taylor loves her with an aggressive love. She is always wanting to hug and touch her, (don't tell Taylor, but it drives Peyton crazy.) Cameron on the other hand loves Peyton at random times, which is so Cameron. She will just randomly start running at her making faces and silly noises. Then Peyton laughs and that just feeds Cameron to keep doing it. This fall Cameron and Taylor were both given the oppertunity to do their first extra curricular activites. Cameron picked soccer and Taylor picked dance. They both loved going to their activity and loved showing off to our friends what they could do. The funniest thing to me was that Cameron smiled the entire time she was on the soccer field and Taylor stuck her tongue out the whole time she was performing her dance. This fall they also started pre-k. I teach prek at our school so I get to see them all day. The girls are really doing great. ***bragging time*** My girls are some of the smartest kids in pre-k. They love learning. I have been so impressed by their coloring also. They are both coloring in the lines and it looks so good. They are both adding and counting really well. Taylor has now perfected the skill of counting to 100. She got pretty good a few days before turning 5, so she was still 4 and counting to 100. As I think you can see we are so proud of our girls. They are growing and maturing. It is scary to think that 5 more years can pass as fast as these 5 years have gone. Here are some pics from all of their birthday festivities.

Here's a group pic from their party!

Cam with her cookie cake from school.

Taylor with her cookie cake at school during the feast.

Today we went to eat at The Rainforest Cafe.

Eating right by the fish tank, so cool!! They loved eating here.
It was priceless to see them experience this!!

After eating we headed over to build a bear.

Cameron picked a unicorn and named her Uni and
Taylor picked a blue bear with peace signs on it and named it Cupcake.

*I have a new post with some funny things the girls have said recently.
Hopefully I can post it soon.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Picky Eater!

Ok, so what happened to my fabulous eater. Peyton who started eating food very early and had no interest in baby food, is now a very picky eater. She would eat anything given to her before. I mean anything. To test this I even gave he some celery at like 9 months and she went to town. BUT this has all changed. She is so hard to feed. If she doesn't think she wants it she will purse her lips together and push it away with her hand. She eats fruit and breakfast stuff well, but other than that she's difficult. She barely eats anything I put in front of her for dinner. The only dinner type things she likes are hotdogs, french fries and green beans. I mean really she is killing me. Please tell me she is going to grow out of this. I'm not cooking anything special for her so some nights she basically just drinks her milk. So frustrating!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Our Extracurricular Activities

The girls are both involved in their first activities. We saved $ that they got from my brother for Christmas to sign them up for this. I gave them the choice to pick which activity they wanted. I asked them if they wanted to do soccer, dance, or gymnastics. I did gymnastics when I was little and I loved it. Well neither one of them picked gymnastics this time. Taylor picked dance and she will have her dance class for 8 weeks at our rec. center. Cameron picked soccer and she has a lot of games and practices. They were both a little jealous of the others choice on their first days, but are both excited to do their activity. Unfortunately for me soccer goes a lot longer than dance. I'm worried Taylor's going to be sad when dance is over, but soccer is still going. There's another 8 week class, but that means more $$ and it means a recital. I would love for her to be able to be in a recital, but that also means costumes (more $.) Overall I am just so happy that they are enjoying their activities. Here are pics of them on their first days. Cameron got her uniform at her 1st practice so the first thing she did when we got home was put it on. Funny girls!!! I'll get a pic of Cam with her team at their first game next Thursday night.

Friday, August 28, 2009

10 Year anniversary trip

On July 24th Dustin and I celebrated 10 years and we took a little trip. We went to Austin for a couple of nights and spent 2 days by the lake. One night we went to downtown Austin to hang out.

Then we went to San Marcos/New Braunfels for 1 night. The first day we did some sightseeing by the river and then I got to Wakeboard on a cable lake. It was so cool and I wish I could do it all the time! The next day was shopping at the outlets and on to San Antonio.

In San Antonio we enjoyed the river walk a lot. We had dinner by the river both night and loved walking around it. During the day we went to the Alamo and one of the missions. For dinner the last night we decided to get all dressed up. We had Italian at a great restaurant and then went to a fun Jazz club. We had a great trip. Sorry it has taken me so long to post.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our visit at Cici's House

While we were in TN we got to hang out at Cici's house for a few days.
We got to see lots of family and do lots of fun things. It was great!

Taylor learning to dive.

Peyton is pretty sure she can swim by herself, but the life jacket alone flipped her back
and the swimmies weren't enough. So she doubled up on protection.

Cameron fishing with Daddy

Taylor fishing with Uncle Eddie.

We got to go 4 wheel riding several times. Super fun!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dustin and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss on July 24th. So for our anniversary we went on a little Texas tour. We stayed 2 nights outside of Austin by Lake Travis, then we stayed one night in the San Marcos/New Braunfels area, and last we stayed 2 nights in San Antonio. While we were gone several friends helped with watching the girls. We are so thankful to Kari, Tara, Laura and Kathy!!! Well Kathy kept Cameron & Taylor the last 3 nights and decided to keep a little log of all the funny things the girls said. She emailed to me and they are pretty hilarious. So enjoy the words from my big girls!!!

One night, after reading the Creation story in the children’s Bible, I asked the questions which were written at the bottom of the story…

K: Taylor, what’s your favorite fruit?

T: um….well….cookies.

K: Really? Cookies?

T: Yes, I LOVE cookies!

K: Cameron, what’s your favorite fruit?


K: Ok then! Next question! Taylor, do you like flowers?

T: Yes! I love flower-shaped cookies!


Sunday morning, getting ready for church….

K: Which sandals do you want to wear – clear or purple?

T: They’re flip flops.

K: Oh. I thought they were sandals.

T: Well, I don’t know where you grew up, but we call them flip flops around here.

Playing cards, sitting in the floor one day…Taylor began poking my thigh with her little foot…this went on for quite awhile…

T: hmmmmm…your leg feels…..squishy. Look. (she kicks a little harder) See?

K: Believe me, I know!

T: Oh, I believe you, Kathy.

Taylor was in the bathroom and I heard a loud beckon…..

T: Kaaaaaaaaaaaaathy

K: (coming into the bathroom) What honey?

T: Can you wipe my bottom?
K: Sure.

T: Git ready. I poop like a big man.

All of us were watching the Foot Network Cake Making Contest. It was a Disney theme and one of the chefs was making a Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs cake…


K: Who is it?
C: You know, silly GOOSE, it’s Snow White and the 7 DOORS!

K: You mean dwarfs?

C: (pause) No, They’re called doors. I don’t know why.

I was coloring in the Princess coloring book one morning with Taylor, while Cameron was still asleep…

K: (coloring Ariel) What is this princess’ name?

T: Ariel. She was a mermaid.

K: Oh, yes. Did she become a human?

T: Yes. After she went to see that mean ugly Octopus lady.

K: That lady WAS scary, wasn’t she?!

T: Yes! BUT Ariel lived happily ever after.

K: Did she marry a prince?

T: Yes, she did!

K: What was the prince’s name?

T: (pause) (pause) Dustin.

I painted their fingernails and toenails and had them sit on the floor and told them to remember to NOT touch anything for a few minutes so that polish could dry. Pretty soon I heard Cameron……….

C: Kaaaaaaaaaathy, I need you to re-do my fingernails.

K: Did you touch them?

C: No, I didn’t touch them.

K: Well, what happened honey?
C: When they dried, I chewed the polish off. But I didn’t touch them!

I brought a lot of extra makeup that I don’t use, in case we decided to play dress up and wanted makeup…but I decided against it later…too messy. I had all of that makeup in my bag, and one morning I was putting on my regular makeup. I spread all of the things out, to find my regular stuff, and had it in a little pile, but there was a big pile on the other side. Cameron was watching me….

C: Wow. Does it take ALLLLL of that to make your face look real?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Going to the Lake

All the girls had a great time tubing on the lake. Cameron, Taylor, and Emma all took turns riding with each other. They also all rode by themselves. Peyton and I rode together and she loved it!!

Cameron & Taylor


Peyton & I

Cameron & Emma

Taylor & Emma

We all really had a great time hanging out in the lake. Here are some of my favorite shots!

Emma, Taylor, Daddy, Cameron, Mommy, Peyton, Cici




Cici, Peyton, and John

DW driving the boat!

My sweet Emma mem!

Mommy having fun!!!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

TN Trip

At the beginning of July we loaded up our new minivan and headed to TN. It was so nice to have more space and to allow the girls to watch a movie while we could still listen to our music. We never thought we would be minivan owners, but now we love it! So first we went to visit Mimi & Papa and here are so pics from there beautiful garden.

More of our TN trip to come later!!

Random pics!

The girls decided to dress up like Mommy & Daddy one day & we thought it was hilarious.

This is a family pic from our 4th of July neighborhood get together.

Crazy Peyton!

This girl is a hoot!!!

She loves brushing her teeth!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Father's Day-I know I'm way behind

We love our daddy very much. We made him some tool sorters at Home Depot and stained them, then we put our hand print on the back. I took Dustin to a Fort Worth Cats. We enjoyed the night. The best part was as we were watching the baseball game a few people went by on their horses in the back ground. It was a very Texas experience.