Monday, August 03, 2009

Going to the Lake

All the girls had a great time tubing on the lake. Cameron, Taylor, and Emma all took turns riding with each other. They also all rode by themselves. Peyton and I rode together and she loved it!!

Cameron & Taylor


Peyton & I

Cameron & Emma

Taylor & Emma

We all really had a great time hanging out in the lake. Here are some of my favorite shots!

Emma, Taylor, Daddy, Cameron, Mommy, Peyton, Cici




Cici, Peyton, and John

DW driving the boat!

My sweet Emma mem!

Mommy having fun!!!


Lee said...

looks sooooo fun! i haven't been skiiing since 2006 and I'm getting the itch. We like Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. What lake are you at?

Jennifer said...

I love to water ski. I haven't been in years. Looks like you and your fam had a great time. Love the pictures.