Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dustin and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss on July 24th. So for our anniversary we went on a little Texas tour. We stayed 2 nights outside of Austin by Lake Travis, then we stayed one night in the San Marcos/New Braunfels area, and last we stayed 2 nights in San Antonio. While we were gone several friends helped with watching the girls. We are so thankful to Kari, Tara, Laura and Kathy!!! Well Kathy kept Cameron & Taylor the last 3 nights and decided to keep a little log of all the funny things the girls said. She emailed to me and they are pretty hilarious. So enjoy the words from my big girls!!!

One night, after reading the Creation story in the children’s Bible, I asked the questions which were written at the bottom of the story…

K: Taylor, what’s your favorite fruit?

T: um….well….cookies.

K: Really? Cookies?

T: Yes, I LOVE cookies!

K: Cameron, what’s your favorite fruit?


K: Ok then! Next question! Taylor, do you like flowers?

T: Yes! I love flower-shaped cookies!


Sunday morning, getting ready for church….

K: Which sandals do you want to wear – clear or purple?

T: They’re flip flops.

K: Oh. I thought they were sandals.

T: Well, I don’t know where you grew up, but we call them flip flops around here.

Playing cards, sitting in the floor one day…Taylor began poking my thigh with her little foot…this went on for quite awhile…

T: hmmmmm…your leg feels…..squishy. Look. (she kicks a little harder) See?

K: Believe me, I know!

T: Oh, I believe you, Kathy.

Taylor was in the bathroom and I heard a loud beckon…..

T: Kaaaaaaaaaaaaathy

K: (coming into the bathroom) What honey?

T: Can you wipe my bottom?
K: Sure.

T: Git ready. I poop like a big man.

All of us were watching the Foot Network Cake Making Contest. It was a Disney theme and one of the chefs was making a Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs cake…


K: Who is it?
C: You know, silly GOOSE, it’s Snow White and the 7 DOORS!

K: You mean dwarfs?

C: (pause) No, They’re called doors. I don’t know why.

I was coloring in the Princess coloring book one morning with Taylor, while Cameron was still asleep…

K: (coloring Ariel) What is this princess’ name?

T: Ariel. She was a mermaid.

K: Oh, yes. Did she become a human?

T: Yes. After she went to see that mean ugly Octopus lady.

K: That lady WAS scary, wasn’t she?!

T: Yes! BUT Ariel lived happily ever after.

K: Did she marry a prince?

T: Yes, she did!

K: What was the prince’s name?

T: (pause) (pause) Dustin.

I painted their fingernails and toenails and had them sit on the floor and told them to remember to NOT touch anything for a few minutes so that polish could dry. Pretty soon I heard Cameron……….

C: Kaaaaaaaaaathy, I need you to re-do my fingernails.

K: Did you touch them?

C: No, I didn’t touch them.

K: Well, what happened honey?
C: When they dried, I chewed the polish off. But I didn’t touch them!

I brought a lot of extra makeup that I don’t use, in case we decided to play dress up and wanted makeup…but I decided against it later…too messy. I had all of that makeup in my bag, and one morning I was putting on my regular makeup. I spread all of the things out, to find my regular stuff, and had it in a little pile, but there was a big pile on the other side. Cameron was watching me….

C: Wow. Does it take ALLLLL of that to make your face look real?


In Definition said...


these are HILARIOUS!!! cute post:)

Jill said...

These are great!!!

Kevin and Christin Pounds said...

So funny, I love that she wrote all these down. Hey, I was born in New Braunfels, lived in San Marcos.


Kara Clayton said...

So...I laughed out loud at almost every one of these!! I keep a journal of stuff like this and love it!

amberdawn said...

I can't stop laughing! Seriously! That is too funny!