Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Water Fun

"Our" waterpark turned 16 this year and had a birthday party. After several hours of playing at the park we enjoyed the fun treats they had for the party. We were excited to find out that they had a free cup of Dippin' Dots, yum!!! We also got a free slice of pizza and popcorn. The girls got balloon animals and played some games. We had a blast!!!

A week or so later the big girls got to be a part of something pretty neat. They participated in the World's Largest Swim Lesson and they were apart of a World Record. The cool part for us was that they received a free lesson and 2 free tickets to the waterpark. Sorry no fun pictures of this, I forgot my camera. I did take some pics of the girls playing in the backyard in their little pool. They love it and going for the bigger one with a slide was a great choice. Peyton loves it so much. She can slide like 40 times in a row. They have on some cute matching swimsuits, which is actually a funny story. Peyton got hers as a hand me down and it is actually too small. We've already passed it on to another friend. Cameron & Taylor got theirs from Cici this past Christmas and she got a good deal on them. So here's more fun in the sun!!! They have said this is the hottest June we've had in a long time.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The beginning of Summer!!!

I'm working at our local waterpark again this summer. I got a job in the cash office, so that our family can go play at the park. We wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. Our city doesn't have a city pool and we don't live in a neighborhood with a pool, plus it will be about 100 most of our summer. What our city has is the 2nd largest waterpark in the DFW metroplex, unfortunately it's pretty pricey. We'd love to buy season passes, but the absolute cheapest that would be is $200. There's just no way we could shell out $200 for play. So in comes my summer gig. For anyone who knows me even just a little bit knows that I love waterparks. I spent a big part of my life working at waterparks. I lifeguarded at Adventure River in Memphis when I was in high school, of course it wasn't actually called that-it was called Wild, Water, & Wheels. I spent 3 summers at Hurricane Harbor here in TX. Well I've hung up my guard suit for now. If I was to be a guard again I would want to be a lead, but they're expected to work about 5 days a week. I have no desire to work 5 days a week. I still wanna be a stay at home mommy and I want to play at this waterpark. So here's a couple of pics of us at the waterpark. I need to take more! I thought about that today as we were playing again at "our" waterpark as the girls call it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


May has been good. I finished Sonshine and started my summer job at the waterpark around the corner from our house. We have had a couple of setbacks. The day before Cameron & Taylor's pre-k graduation Taylor accidentally had a peanut granola bar. She went into anaphylactic shock and it was crazy. I took her to the urgent care and she was transferred to the children's hospital in Ft. Worth. After 2 rounds of Epi and several other meds into her IV she started doing much better. Thank goodness because we had a graduation to go to. I teach pre-k and of course my big girls were graduating. We were so proud of them.

Taylor with her teachers. (Mrs. Laura & Mrs. Liz)
Taylor singing during the program.

Cameron with her teachers. (Mrs. Jennifer & Mrs. Tracy)
Cameron singing during the program.

A few days after graduation the girls had their final gymnastics class at the rec. center. Here are some pics of their last class. They're getting so big!!!! I can't believe they'll be starting Kindergarten in the fall.

Catching Up

Well it's been a while, sorry! I have become a facebookaholic and it has distracted me from my blog. Oh and we had a pretty tough winter/spring in our house.

A short recap for anyone who might not have known all of our chaos. So in Nov. the girls & I were rear-ended while sitting at a red light on our way home from school. An elderly gentleman just assumed I was driving through a yellow/red light, when reality was I stopped. Then like 3 days later Peyton fell off a kitchen chair and then passed out. She came to pretty quickly, but I couldn't keep her awake. So off to the ER we go.

As Christmas came the girls and I headed to TN and spent the 1st week there sick. I was miserable. Then we found out Dustin's MeeMaw fell and broke her hip. She went in for surgery the next day and that evening she passed away. We were so thankful to be have all the family together for her funeral. On our way home on Christmas Eve we drove through floods in Arkansas. Then we were shocked to find out that it was snowing in TX. And oh my by the time we crossed over the lake entering into the metroplex of DFW the ice was pretty bad. It took us like 4 or 5 hours to drive what should have been 1 hour. It was scary and crazy. We left Memohis around 9am. and got home at 11pm. Oh and Santa still had to come see 3 little girls in the morning. Yikes!

As far as I can remember January was semi uneventful. Then February came and oh my! Taylor had an asthma attack. So off to the ER we went. I was actually thinking we might not have to stay this trip, but shortly after getting to the ER she went downhill. They admitted her and she proceeded to get worse. At her worst she was on 12 Liters of oxygen and it was kind of scary. After 6 days in the hospital we were discharged and so ready to go home. Unfortunately I went home with a nasty stomach bug. No fun! Then we started trading out sickness from one family member to another. In April, Taylor had another nights stay in the hospital.

So it's been quite crazy around here!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Peyton

April/May 2008
April 2010

2 years ago on April 18th we welcomed our sweet little Peyton. The funny thing is this year you've totally become crazy Peyton. You've grown so much this year. You've finally started talking in a way that we can understand. Let me tell you some of the fun things you say: I think our favorite is to hear you say Frosty, you actually say Saucy. It's really cute. You're loving to play with Bahbee (Barbie). Cameron & Taylor both go by Tay-yer and are happy that you're talking to them. They both love to play with you! Taylor loves to help you with everything and Cameron loves to make you laugh. You will watch some shows now but we are happy to say that you've followed in your sisters footsteps and you love Dora (Dordah). You can say some things really well, like mommy, daddy, night-night, bye, Cici, Papa, Nannie, eat and I'm sure there are more. Some other funny things you say are bah (like breakfast bar), mook (milk), ah-men (amen), doo-doo (Zhu-Zhu) as in Zhu-Zhu pets. You still lean on your signing for several words. You sign eat, more, please, thank you, sorry, read, amen, and milk.

You learned to walk shortly after turning 1. Now you're running, climbing and jumping. You love to climb. You climb up on top of tables often. During the 2009 summer we spent a lot of time in the water and you loved every bit of it. You even went tubing with mommy!! When fall came around we started our 2nd year at Sonshine academy. You're in the gorillas class. The class is mostly boys and you play just like a little boy. You're rough and crazy!!! November was a crazy month for you b/c you were in your first car accident when we were rear-ended on our way home from school. It scared you a lot! Then a few days later you fell off of a kitchen chair and had a head injury. You passed out for a few seconds and couldn't stay awake. It scared mommy & Papa and I rushed you to the ER. You threw up a few times, but everything looked good on your CT scan. When December came around you got to see Santa and you didn't want anything to do with him. You waved your hands at him and said uh-uh. As the Christmas season went on you began to really like the idea of Ho-Ho!! As 2010 started we were excited to see your vocabulary begin to grow. You also got to go visit your big sister Taylor at the hospital several times. You loved going for walks around the hallways of the hospital. You are very independent and I always joke that you pretty much think you're 5. It is funny to sit back and watch you. You also love to dance and begin to sway/bop whenever you here music. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and cant' wait to see what this 3rd year with you in our lives brings us.

Monday, April 05, 2010


We had a great Easter weekend!! Of course it was a bit crazy, but come on what weekend isn't crazy in our house. The pics are kind fo posted backwards, but it was easier for me that way. And since I haven't posted in so long (sorry about that by the way), I figured y'all wouldn't mind.

Peyton after a fun Easter

My big girls
Cameron & Taylor
Not really the pic of all 3 of them I was hoping for,
but hey you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Cameron came out of the bathroom 5 min. prior to taking pics and had just put a tattoo on her cheek. When she saw how frustrated I was she went in and washed it right off.

Taylor was mad and decided she wasn't going to take any pictures.

We got 2 together and smiling.

Peyton before church.

On Saturday our church had a big event, a helicopter Easter egg drop, I didn't do a good job taking pics there. Here are the girls when we got home.

On Friday the big girls and I dyed Easter eggs.
Here are the girls showing off all their eggs.

Trip to TN

We went to TN about a month ago for my little brother Aaron's wedding. He and Cara asked Cameron & Taylor to be their flower girls. They were pretty cute. I put their hair in sponge rollers, so their hair is pretty cute/crazy. The girls did a pretty good job I think and they were so proud to be flower girls.
The second thing we were able to do is meet our new cousin baby Owenn. We met up with Dustin's family at O'Charley's for dinner. Baby O did an awesome job and was adorable. We got to hold him and then he took a short nap.