Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cool bug and Silly Stuff

The girls & I spotted this cool bug, I guess it's a grasshopper. It was huge and so fun to watch. We watched him for quite a while as he crawled up a tree.

Here are some of the funny things the girls have said recently. I'm not so good about writing these things down. So here goes:

*One night it was bedtime and Cameron had run to our room to go to the bathroom. She had already been told several times that it was time for bed. We were all waiting for her in their room, to read a story. Dustin finally went to check on her and when he walked in our room he couldn't help but laugh. We had gotten the Easter eggs out that day to have an egg hunt in the backyard for fun and she had found the eggs. He asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'm putting the little eggs in the big eggs." - bless her heart she is so easily distracted, I do the same thing when I'm cleaning.

*A couple of weeks ago we were out in the backyard and I decided to rake all the leaves in to a big pile to play in. The girls loved it the ran and jumped in them, they threw the leaves in the air, and they laid down in them. Taylor asked me, "Why are we playing in the leaves?" and me being the cocky cool mom said, "Because I'm a fun mommy!" Then Taylor said, "and sometimes your an angry mommy!" Touche' my dear!

*This isn't really silly, I'm just very proud of how smart my girls are. While still 4 years old Taylor told me the other day that she can count backwards from 20 now. Then she counted from 20 to 1 & skipped 13, but fixes it. Then I asked her how she learned that and she said from the wall in my classroom. She is so observant. She also learned to spell one from the wall in her classroom. She truly observes the room to find more things to learn. One day at lunch at school she noticed that the wall in our play area said one. I was shocked she new how to read one and she told me she learned in her room.

*The last funny thing is about the peace sign. While Mimi and Papa were here, Mimi was wearing a shirt with a peace sign on it. The girls noticed it and said it was a birds foot with a circle around it. And I mean come on if you think about it that is exactly what it is. So ironically Mimi had already bought them shirts with a birds foot and circles. Then Taylor wanted the bear at Build-a-bear with a birds foot and a circle around it.

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