Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

***Warning-this is long and full of lots of pics!!***
I can't believe it but Cameron and Taylor are 5 years old today. I mean that's one whole hand. They have grown and matured so much. This has been a fun year filled with lots of fits. I keep hoping the fits will lesson, but we still get to experience them. On a good note they have grown like crazy and have long hair again. They are both reading very well. There are several books that they can read independently. Last spring they ended school in the 3 year old class as 4 year olds that could read several sight words and blend most 3 letter words. During summer they learned how to swim all over again. They started swimming summer of 08, but summer of 09 they spent the whole summer in the pool. Since I worked at the water park we were there a lot. Cameron and Taylor have both fallen in love with Peyton. They love her in different ways though. Taylor loves her with an aggressive love. She is always wanting to hug and touch her, (don't tell Taylor, but it drives Peyton crazy.) Cameron on the other hand loves Peyton at random times, which is so Cameron. She will just randomly start running at her making faces and silly noises. Then Peyton laughs and that just feeds Cameron to keep doing it. This fall Cameron and Taylor were both given the oppertunity to do their first extra curricular activites. Cameron picked soccer and Taylor picked dance. They both loved going to their activity and loved showing off to our friends what they could do. The funniest thing to me was that Cameron smiled the entire time she was on the soccer field and Taylor stuck her tongue out the whole time she was performing her dance. This fall they also started pre-k. I teach prek at our school so I get to see them all day. The girls are really doing great. ***bragging time*** My girls are some of the smartest kids in pre-k. They love learning. I have been so impressed by their coloring also. They are both coloring in the lines and it looks so good. They are both adding and counting really well. Taylor has now perfected the skill of counting to 100. She got pretty good a few days before turning 5, so she was still 4 and counting to 100. As I think you can see we are so proud of our girls. They are growing and maturing. It is scary to think that 5 more years can pass as fast as these 5 years have gone. Here are some pics from all of their birthday festivities.

Here's a group pic from their party!

Cam with her cookie cake from school.

Taylor with her cookie cake at school during the feast.

Today we went to eat at The Rainforest Cafe.

Eating right by the fish tank, so cool!! They loved eating here.
It was priceless to see them experience this!!

After eating we headed over to build a bear.

Cameron picked a unicorn and named her Uni and
Taylor picked a blue bear with peace signs on it and named it Cupcake.

*I have a new post with some funny things the girls have said recently.
Hopefully I can post it soon.


Susan Wyatt said...

5 years! So hard to believe, seems like yesterday...

The picture of them at the Rain Forest Cafe leaning toward each other. I feel like I'm looking right at Dustin on the left and Lori on the right. I love how each one looks just like one of you. Happy Birthday Taylor and Cameron!

Kathy Padgett said...

I love these pictures. I am just as proud of them as you are, after all I am their Texas grandma. Happy Birthday to 2 beautiful girls!!!

Lyndsey said...

FUN!! Looks like they had a great bday!!