Monday, August 11, 2008


I love the Olympics!!!! I am such a huge fan of Michael Phelps and I love swimming. Oh how I wish I could have been on a swim team when I was younger. I was actually lying in bed last night wondering if I could go to a local swim team and ask them if I could watch, and maybe swim. I want to be like their old lady mascot. My idol right now is Dara Torres ( only for her ability to swim so well at her age.) I just watched the 4 X 100 relay and it was amazing. I love swimming!!! I'm so on edge every time I watch Phelps swim. He is amazing. I hope y'all are watching because these Olympics have been very exciting.

On a side note, tomorrow I go back to reality. Dustin will be back to work. His new teacher training is tomorrow. I know most of you are like "cry me a river," but I've kind of gotten used to him being home. We do our own thing usually during the day, but he helps me load up the car whenever we're headed somewhere. Also whenever I'm nursing he helps if the girls need something. So like I said back to reality. (tear)


Kevin & Christin Pounds said...

I love the Olympics too! Kevin and I have been watching every chance we get. We saw the 4x100m relay last night too and I think that will go down in history as one of the best!


Mary said...

I gave you an award on my blog!

Wadsworth Family- said...

I got your message. We live in the Houston area but go on random visits all over Texas. This weekend we're going to San Antonio. What part of Texas do ya'll live in? Maybe one day our paths will cross and we can meet up.Amanda