Sunday, August 17, 2008

Peyton's rolling over!!

Peyton has rolled over from her belly to her back a few times. Usually I have to place her hands up under her face. Today she decided she's ready to roll over from her back to her stomach. She's is so strong! I promise if her upper body was strong enough to hold her chest up she would be able to crawl.

So we video taped her and I finally had Dustin show me how to put a video on the computer. I'm so high tech now.


Lyndsey said...

Ok..I tried to leave a comment earlier but I guess it did not work. Anyway...this is very cute. Looks like you guys are adjusting well to life with new baby Peyton. She is a doll.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a bloger you are! I do good to get things on the blog once a month and I can't figure out how to put a video on! This is very cute Peyton seems very strong for her age. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Knight