Monday, August 18, 2008

Cameron & Taylor swimming

Well now that I'm so high tech I had to try to get another video on here. I would have a thousand on here the only problem is that I can only use our borrowed Mac to put videos on the computer. We don't have a certain wire to put them on the Dell. The Mac is an old dying computer. Trust me it has seen better days. It's nice to have, but it dies often. And when your trying to do something big it will die. So last night as I was trying to get this other video it died on me at least 8 times before I quit. Each time I got a little closer to getting the video saved. So finally I got back on today & got it on the second time. So here's a video of the girls swimming when they 1st started doing it at my Dad's house. They're both doing better now, although Cameron still would rather just spend the whole time in her swimmies. I really have to talk her into taking them off.


Anonymous said...

You just don't know how much I enjoy this blog spot of your family. I have been faithfully watching it since you were pregnant with Cameron & Taylor. I wish I could see all of you more often - other than just at Christmas. I am very thankful you
have continued this website and I especially love the videos. I have to admit I teared up watching Peyton roll over. I cannot wait to see you.
I Love You All,
Aunt Sherri

Jennifer said...

I tagged you in my blog. Have fun!

Dorothy said...

Those girls are stinking adorable!!!!!!!!!