Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Ok for my 6 readers I've decided I'm going to commit myself to posting more often. I'm going to post stories and pictures, instead of just pictures. I've been reading more & more blogs, especially since Jessica introduced me to google reader. It is great!!! Now I have more time to find other blogs that I enjoy & add them to my list, so that I can stay up even later.

Dustin has told me that I have blog envy. It's true!!! I want to do more with my blog. The sad thing is that even though I've been doing this for 4 years I still don't know how to do many things. So help me learn. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but I don't know how to put a link in my post. So like up where I said Jessica's name, I don't know how to make her name a link to her blog. ?????? I know I should know how to do this. I want to make a cute signature, that looks like a scrapbook thing. I would link to an example, but once again I don't know how. It's sad I know. I also want to add a cute header, but once again ?????. I was very proud of myself for changing the background, but that took me all night. Tonight I added a counter and I want it to be under the archives list, but it is staying above the about me section. Seriously, HELP ME!!!!

Woo hoo!!! I'm learning! I've made some links and I'm going to spend sometime tonight working on the signature, thanks for the help thus far. I will call out more when I need y'all

The girls went to the dentist office today and I'll post some pics from that tomorrow.


Lori said...

Yeah I got the counter to move down on my own!!!

Jennifer said...

If you go to my blog and in my list of Linky Dinks, click on Scrapblog Designs by Hilary. She can make you a signature. It was free when I got mine but I know that she has just started charging. Not sure how much. Try googling signatures for blogs and see if anything comes up, that way you don't have to pay. Hilary also designed by blog layout for free too. She is really good. Anyway, she got too many requests and had to start charging.

Lyndsey said...

Sorry...wish I could help but I am technologically challenged sometimes too. Did you see the new slip and slide pics. I put on Isabella's site. It was so fun!!

Katie said...

Ok I think I can help you with linking a website.
After you have typed the word that you want people to click on, you highlight it with your mouse.(or double click on the word, it is faster) Then at the top of the box where you are typing your new post there is icon of a globe with a chain above it. It is right next to the icon of the letter T that has the box with different colors on it. Click on that, a box will pop up asking you to type in the URL. It already has the http:// for you so you just have to type in the address and you are done. Well click OK first and then you are done.
Good Luck!