Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dentists Visit

The girls did amazingly well at the visit. No crying or whining and in fact they both said it was fun. Yeah!!! Since my girls have a chance of having my teeth it is imperative that they feel comfortable at the dentist (orthodontist). Taylor especially liked Mr. Sucker, the thing that sucks out your spit. She loved closing her lips around it. Cameron was a little more timid and kept trying to sit up after each thing the dental hygenist did. The best part was to find out that the free toothbrushes that they had to give the girls were Dora!!! Oh if you know my girls, they love Dora. To top it off, Cameron's was a mermaid Dora. Cameron is Ariel so it was very fitting. It was a good visit, now I need to go. Hmmm... all I hear are more bills being laid in my mail box.

Taylor with the cool glasses to keep the light from bothering her.

Cameron using Mr. Sucker and giving her
"not sure about this look."


Jennifer said...

Yes, you have to add it everytime. That is the way mine is set up.

Kevin & Christin Pounds said...

Hi Lori! I love the pictures of the girls at the dentist, too cute. We started our blog recently, I figured we should join the club and I always enjoy reading yours and others. I'll be posting about the foster/adoption today or tomorrow--we are really excited!