Monday, December 13, 2004

Baby Update

We had a Dr.'s appointment last Thursday and found out that the girls are gaining weight. Some of you might not have known that they had lost more than the Dr. expected. After 1 wk. Taylor weighed 5 lbs. and Cameron weighed 4 lbs. 6 oz. That scared me to hear that they had lost so much. But at this last appt. Taylor weighed 6 lbs. and Cameron weighed 5 lbs. 9 oz. The best oart about that is that they are now beyond their birth weight. Yeh!!!! The newest thing is that Taylor has now gone 4 and 1/2 days without pooping. I am a little worried about her b/c she is still eating good. To understand the difference it might help y'all to know that Cameron has probably pooped 20 times since Taylor has. Please pray for her to use the bathroom. I know that might sound silly, but that can't be comfortable.

On another note, nighttimes have been tough. With 2 babies it seems as if 1 is always awake. We haven't been getting very much sleep. Taylor seems to be doing better at laying down after eating, but Cameron is very hard to get back to sleep. It takes her 45 min. to an hour to get her laid back down. Then it starts all over again in about an hour. As of Sunday I have decided to not exlusively nurse anymore. I am going to continue pumping and then bottle feeding. I was expeiencing so much pain that I was dreading feeding times. Since I wasn't enjoying that time I decided the main thing was for the girls to get the breastmilk. They still get that since I am pumping. I kinda feel like a quiter, but I tried my best to push through the pain. Well I will let you know how things are going agein in a couple of days.


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Mama Duck said...

Don't feel like a "quitter" of the biggest lies my lactation consultant told me is that "it's not supposed to hurt." Well, that's true, after certain VERY TENDER PARTS of you "toughen" up for a few weeks! I used to dread when my daughter woke up too, I'd pray she'd just sleep all day and all night!! Everyone has to do what's right for them and with two kiddos, I'm sure you made the right decision! :) Cheers!