Friday, February 04, 2005

Baby Update

We had a Dr.'s visit today. The girls are doing great. Taylor weighs 12 and 1/2 lbs and Cameron weighs 11 and 1/2 lbs. Now they are about average weight with other babies their age. Both of them are a little short for their age. They got more shots today. It is so hard to hear them scream when the get the shot. I hate it! Anyways other than that they are changing all the time. They have both started smiling at Dustin and I. It is so precious sometimes we can't help but cry. It's amazing to know that they came from us. It really is special! They both have also recently found their hands and like to suck on them, sometimes they get lucky and get their thumb in their mouths. The loud sucking noise is so cute. I love it!! They are beginning to make sweet little noises like they're trying to talk to us, so we talk back. It's fun to try to guess what they are saying. We are still struggling with sleep. They are doing extremely better during the night. They go to sleep around 8:30, but usaully cry some until 9:00. They finally fall asleep and usually we give them their last bottle around 11:00. Then they start to wakle up around 4:00 or 4:30. I paci them until 6:00 and then we feed them. That's been the schedule this past week. But the days are the hard part. I can't seem to get them on any kind of nap schedule. They instead like to take lots of cat naps throughout the day. I can't usually lay them down before they fall asleep. Then I do lay them down and they wake up in 15 min. I try to get them to fall asleep again, but today they cried for about 45 min. straight until it was bottle time again. We are giving them a little cereal at lunch and dinner by spoon and then some in their last bottle. Well if anyone has any suggestions I'm open!! Talk to y'all later!


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