Friday, March 11, 2005

Still Gaining!!!

Today we went to the Dr. and the girls are doing so good. Cameron actually weighs 1 ounce more than Taylor now. Cameron weighs 13 lbs. 3 oz. and Taylor weighs 13 lbs. 2 oz. The Dr. gave us the go ahead to start feeding them baby food in a week and a 1/2, because they'll be 4 months. I am dreading this stage b/c it isn't easy to spoon feed 2 babies at one time. It's going to be a mess!!!!! We just extended the girls schedule. They wake up and eat at 7. The next bottle is 11, then 3. And the last bottle is at 7. We just started this yesterday and they're doing OK. Just OK. We also started putting 6 oz. in each bottle instead of 5 & 1/2. They are getting so good at sleeping through the night. It's great!! They still aren't doing great with naps during the day. Instead of taking real naps the cat nap most of the day. They take sometimes up to 6 little naps during the day. It makes it hard for me to get stuff done. Also Cameron is going through a stage where if someone's not right there talking to her she starts whining. Literally little whaa's. As soon as I walk over to her and look at her she smiles. I hope this is just a stage b/c I really can't accomplish anything if I have to sit and look at her all day. Although she sure is pretty to look at!! Taylor is doing great. She spits up really bad though. Other than that she is mostly happy and staring with her huge eyes. Well I'll keep y'all posted. Gotta go feed them sweet babies!!


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