Thursday, June 29, 2006


I can't believe the girls are 19 months old. They are totally toddlers now. Sometimes I still call them babies and people correct me. Well they'll always be my babies. I just spent a couple of hours going through and reading all my old posts and looking at all the pictures. It is so fun. I would really recommend that people keep a blog. If anybody wants to just for kicks you can always look at my old posts by looking in the archives. It's amazing to look at the pics and watch the girls grow up. Taylor is talking up a storm now. She tries to say anything you say to her. She really likes to identify everybody in the room at least 100 times, "Mommy" "Yes, I'm Mommy," "Mamron" "Yes, that's Cameron." We go through that process many, many times every day. She also likes to make animal noises. Cameron's getting better at talking, but she's not near as interested as Taylor. Cameron's favorite thing is imitating a elephant. She's constantly holding 1 arm in the air and making a noise. They are so funny!!!!!

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