Monday, December 31, 2007


Well we're going to have our own little vote. I don't think there will be as much politicing as there is in Iowa for our vote, but we would like your input. Please know this does not in any way mean that we are going to definitely chose the name with the top votes or even one of these 5 names. These are 5 names that Dustin and I both kind of like. I think we both have one that we like a little more than the others. We found the one I like the most last night. I think I like it the most??? Please even if you don't usually leave comments go ahead and vote. Just comment as anonymous and sign your name if you want to. Let the voting begin!!


Keep in mind I would kind of like to use my middle name as her middle name, because it is a family name. My middle name is Ellen.


Trevor said...


We almost named Micah this.

Plus, it goes well with Cameron and Taylor.

Peyton makes you a TN fan, Madison is so early 90's, Madeline and Ally are ayight, but they don't go with Ellen. Try saying it, its a mouthful.

I vote Avery

Lyndsey said...

Well, personally I like it when kids names kind of go together. Not all start with the same letter or anything but you know...they all have a similar feel to them. So, I think Avery, Madison, or Peyton would go best with your girls names and your middle name.

Anonymous said...

I like Payton! And not just because I'm a Tennessee fan:)

Jess said...

I really like Avery!

Keva said...

I personally like Madeline, but second would be Ally. Trevor is right though, Madeline Ellen is a mouthful. Can't wait to hear what it is.

Mary said...

I vote for Avery!!!

Jessica said...

My thoughts:

Avery, Ally- fine but if you monogram it the traditional way with the last initial it will spell A-W-E.

Madeline, Madison- initials spell M-E-W, kinda funny for people who don't love cats

Peyton/Payton- P-E-W ?? Please don't.

That being said, I have a thing about initials because I saw so many little girls with bad ones at school and then of course there is our buddy PMS!

I really like the name Peyton the best, I think it fits nicely with the older girls and your last name- I didn't even think of TN or football so don't worry too much about that.

Anonymous said...

I like Madison!! ;) I've always wanted to use that name until I married into it...

I also like Avery!

- Emily M.

Anonymous said...

Avery is definately my favorite. I like the name Madeline as well, but when you say it with Ellen it sounds like you say "Ellen" twice. I like Ally, too, but it's a tounge twister with Ellen.

Congrats, again. I can't believe you are having another girl!!


Katie Woodruff said...

I like Avery! That is my vote. Hope you guys are doing good. Are the girls excited about being big sisters?


Anonymous said...

I like Madison and Peyton. Not that your asking for suggestions, but....... I also love the name Glory.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Jon asks that you remember that this little baby will be an adult for a much longer than she'll be a child. Therefore, she needs a serious name (but can have a nickname when she's little). I love the name Madeline (Maddy when she's little). Madeline E. Walker will look good in a signature block some day!

Anonymous said...

I like Peyton/Payton best.

Susan Wyatt said...

I love the name Madeline but agree with others that I don't care for it as much with Ellen, Madison gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Avery or Peyton... I know two cute little girls named Peyton. Either name will work.

Avery Ellen Walker, MD
Peyton Ellen Walker, Esq.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lori!! miss you bunches and can't wait to see your 3 girls!! (who would have thought :) i vote madison ellen walker.
another great name i have heard is Hannah!! just kidding -- i love and miss you guys so much, and i also wanted to tell you that i am getting married, so i need your current address. call me if you get a chance (615) 427-1967 good luck with the babes!! --Hannah Randolph

Lyndsey said...

Ok, I've thought about it some more and my final vote is Avery. I like the way it sounds with Ellen and it goes well with Cameron and Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Peyton/Payton....I don't really have a great reason other than the fact that I think it sounds good with Cameron and Taylor. Also....Peyton Ellen Walker sounds precious. :)


Anonymous said...

I think Avery sounds the best with Ellen, and it goes well with Taylor and Cameron. Avery was one of my choices if Jack had been a girl. Sara Rowley Potter

Anonymous said...

I vote Avery or Peyton. All of your choices are great though!

Mary T said...

I like bout Avril?

Kelli said...

I vote for Ally or Avery. As you know I also have twin girls and one is named Cameron Avery. So obviously I think it goes well with Cameron!! :) I have always liked Ally and I considered naming my 3rd daughter Addison that.

Good luck with the decision!!


Kelli from Midcities moms

Lauren said...

I think I like Avery the best with Madison as a close second...Avery is just a little more unique

Anonymous said...

I like Avery, second is Madeline. -Ashley

Jessica said...

There are a lot of votes for Avery... so I am voting again for Payton!

You never said we couldn't vote twice!

Seriously, when do we get to hear the results?

Anonymous said...


I started to suggest Madison at Christmas. I vote Madison.

Aunt Sherri

Anonymous said...

Since you will probably use Ellen as her middle name, I like Avery Ellen the best.

Shannon Dyer

Anonymous said...

I love Ally, madeline and Madison, those were all on our list for a while, madeline was actualy a very close second to Rylie. They are all adorabele names. I think that Avery, Peyton and Madison go best with Ellen though. I guess my vote is madison. Good luck!

Jennifer Knight