Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Still Preggo

Well I just thought I would let everybody know that I am still in fact pregnant. I'm 9 days away from my due date. I was so bummed yesterday to find out that I'm still not dilated at all. Since I am trying for a VBAC the Dr. will not induce me. So I'm praying now that I don't get to 40 weeks and still show no signs of progress. If that happens then we will schedule a c-section. I just really want to have this baby. Please pray with me that my body will begin to progress towards labor. I'm really tired and ready to have baby girl Peyton.

Thanks for the prayers!!


Lyndsey said...

It was good talking to you yesterday. Don't get discouraged...Peyton will make her arrival soon enough. I remember wanting to put Isabella back in those first few crazy weeks...so don't rush it =)

Jessica B. said...

I talked to a lady the other day who was 41.5 weeks and measuring for 46 weeks...

she was one of those who go to a midwife, and said that her last baby was over 10 pounds and delivered without drugs at 42 weeks.

It could be worse.