Monday, May 12, 2008


Sleeping is going pretty good. She almost always goes at least 3 hours and usually goes between 4 & 5 hours. It is so nice to only have one to handle during the middle of the night. She has pooped on me one night, so I have been reminded what life is like with a newborn. Up until yesterday I would have told you she is a super easy baby, but yesterday and today she has spent most of her awake time crying. If the paci isn't in her mouth then she is probably crying and someone is trying to get the paci back into her mouth. The good news is that Cameron & Taylor both enjoy doing this task.

I'm hoping tomorrow will bring a new day and my happy Peyton back to me. Dustin would tell you she always cries a lot, but that is because she likes her mommy most. As she should!!!! She is ok about naps during the day. She sleeps best when she is swaddled. So pretty much every time it is time for a nap I swaddle her up. She will take a nap pretty much anywhere and has adjusted to the noise of the girls. The only downside is that she takes more catnaps then full naps. I think I remember the girls being the same way for a while.

We have a picture of Peyton in the same outfit we had for the girls. Tell me what you think. Do they all look alike to you? I forgot how skinny the girls were. At they're 2 week appointment they weighed 5lbs. 9 oz. & 6 lbs. Peyton weighed 9 lbs. when I took her the other day. Once again another difference in having only 1.


Lyndsey said...

I love the new pics. They all do look a lot alike. Very cute. I'm jealous that that she sleeps so well...Isabella wasn't sleeping that well for weeks. Maybe next time. Have fun with her. Sounds like you have some good help with the girls.

MSM said...

This is the coolest comparison! (impressed that you can keep up with your photos so well, and find the one you want when you need it . . . )

Peyton looks really different to me, even though I know the coloring and all is the same.

They are all crazy cute girls!

Keva said...

I am so happy that you are settling into life with three. Are you staying home or will you go back to teaching in the fall? Love the pictures so cute.