Saturday, June 28, 2008

Six Flags

My friend Julie from work watched Peyton for us and we headed for Six Flags on Friday. I believe the temperature got up to 100, but it was a dry heat with a little breeze. The girls had a blast they loved the rides. They especially loved the 2 roller coasters we got to ride, although by the end of the day Taylor really didn't like the last 2 rides. I think she was getting really sleepy. It was a great day. I loved watching how excited they got on the rides.

Taylor didn't want to take her picture with the characters,
so here's Cameron with Daffy Duck & Porky Pig

On the little train in the Looney Toons kids area.

Fun on the swings!!

After lunch we let the girls play in a sprayground,
so their food would settle. We didn't want any puking.

Riding the big roller coaster. They liked it so much we rode it twice.

This is the big train that went all the way around the park.

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Anonymous said...

this is the cutest picutre!! they're SO big!! and they look just like both you its creepy haha.
love yall!