Friday, September 26, 2008


I have pictures to post and stories to tell, but unfortunately I'm having camera problems. I am so annoyed with it. I think the cord that I use to get the pics from the camera to the computer is messed up. The computer says it doesn't recognize the thing in the USB port. So I guess I'll have to take the memory card to Walmart to print the pics & get them on a CD. Well here are some of the stories without any pics. I know kind of boring, but it's all I can do.

Spittle bug
Peyton has become a little spittle bug. She loves to spit out little bubbles and make raspberry noises. She doesn't love eating food very much. She just takes her tongue and pushes it right back out. She like to suck on real food. She'll suck on fruit and the other day she was sucking on my crust from my pizza.

The Babies
The girls have little blankets that have bears on them. They've had them since they were infants. I can't remember who got them for them, but they have used them every night since they were little bitty. Taylor grew more attached, she is also our thumb sucker. Well less than a year ago I bought some yucky stuff to put on Taylor's thumb to help her to stop. The great news is she stopped, but within a couple of weeks I realized she switched to her pinky. So she's been sucking her pinky for a while. With her thumb before she stopped she was sucking almost all the time. If she was in the car, watching tv., or going to sleep. When she switched to the pinky it was only when whe was falling alseep. She only sucked her pinky when she was holding her bear blanket ( or what the girls have called their babies since they were babies.) So I realized to stop sucking the pinky I would most likely have to take awa y the baby. I didn't really mind them having their babies to sleep with and snuggle with, but she needed to kick the bad habit. So when we went to the hospital I hadn't taken it with us to the ER. She didn't ask for it all day, but when Dusitn was coming to visit us that night I asked him to bring it. He brought it but somehow ended up taking it back home, so I didn't mention it to her. Well she never asked for it and she didn't suck her pinky. So the next day I told him to bring Taylor's & Cameron's up to the hospital. Taylor & I had seen some sweet babies and I told her she could give her "baby" to a new little baby. She liked the idea and so did Cameron. So we "gave" the babies to the nurses to give to a new little baby. The rest of the time we were in the hospital she didn't ask for it. The 1st nap she took at home she cried for it for a while and the next night before going to bed she cried for it. She told me that we needed to drive back to the hospital and get her baby back. I told her we couldn't and she said yes we can. I made it through a couple of occasions of crying and now it seems like she is OK with it. She's actually proud of herself that she doesn't suck her pinky anymore. I'm so proud to! The hard news for mommy is that I look at sweet Peyton and see her sucking on her thumb and think oh boy I hope she will be easy to break of the habit.

I took some pictures of the girls playing on the swing set and hopefully I'll be able to get them on the computer.


Lauren said...

Hey! Try unloading the camera software, restarting the computer, reloading the software, and restarting the computer again, Make sure the camera cord is unplugged from the computer while you are doing all this.

MSM said...

These were great stories / updates even without the pictures!

Hope you get everything working again soon, though. :)