Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick funny story

So this is the bass thingy for our ridiculously old stereo system. It doesn't really work well. The other day I caught Peyton trying to put an Easter egg in it and stopped her. I then moved it and heard rattling. Well I knew at this point she had been successful at another time. So with a challenge laid out ahead of me I started to try to retrieve the rattle I heard. Well here's the loot that I found inside that small hole.

The other funny thing is I'm pretty sure that Peyton didn't do the yellow and green balls because they belong to the ball popper that until this past weekend has been in storage for 2 and a half years. When we moved into this house I put it in storage because we were down to 2 balls out of 5. So I guess the girls discovered this hole a long time ago and I never realized. Funny huh!!!

Oh and the best news is that yesterday, 4-21 Peyton started saying Mama. Oh she melted my heart when I walked in to get her out of bed in the morning and she was saying Nananana and I said oh that's so close say Mama. So sure enough she did. Then for the rest of the day she said it several more times. It's so exciting!!!!

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In Definition said...

Lori!!! Of COURSE I remember you:) How could I forget the girl who ran a bjillion steps with me in St. Louis? haha. I'm notoriously bad at commenting on blogs though I do peek in on yours! Can't believe you're kid-os. ADORABLE!!