Monday, June 22, 2009

Bluebonnet pics

At the end of April we went to the Bluebonnets to take some family pics. Bluebonnets are a big deal here in TX. Every spring the start popping up, mostly of the side of major interstates. They're the state flower and a lot of people stop and take pics in the Bluebonnets. On our way to a birthday party we decided we would stop and take some pics. Unfortunately we didn't get a great family pic, but got some cute ones.

I'm pretty sure it's probably illegal to pick one, but the girls did so I thought we should get a cute pic of them holding one.


In Definition said...

i love the one of the three girls!!!!

Susan Wyatt said...

very cute.

Lyndsey said...

Those are really cute, Lori!

Kevin and Christin Pounds said...

Oh my goodness-bluebonnets! As a child we used to do this every year--pull over on the highway and take pictures. It's definitely a Texas tradition. I love our bluebonnet pictures. The one of the whole family is really great!

Anonymous said...

These are really sweet pictures.

Aunt Sherri