Friday, October 31, 2008

Fair, Pumpkin Patch & a sad attempt to get a cute picture.

Here are some more fun pics.

Jessica here's the unfortunate best shot I got of all
three girls in the outfits. They looked adorable though.
I'm going to try again.

Cameron at the pumpkin patch.

Taylor at the fair.

Peyton in the sling.

All 3 cuties at the Pumpkin patch the first time we went.


rebekah said...

i LOVE those sweet matching outfits! it makes me want to go sew them all something cute!! Hope you have a great halloween & can't wait for an update on how beautiful they all looked!

Anonymous said...

The girls are precious! I love their matching outfits! In the pic of the girls at the Pumpkin Patch it looks like Peyton's eyes are blue like Taylor's??

I know the girls had a blast.

Love to you all,

Jessica said...

They still look cute!! I am glad everything fits at all! Sorry I am so slow to comment, that is the only downside to the Google Reader.

Are you guys gonna be up here around Christmas time?