Friday, January 30, 2009

9 months old

It is unbelievably hard for me to accept that Peyton is 9 months old. She has 5 teeth and is cruising around on the furniture. The good news is that so far she isn't to extremely interested in the idea of walking. Yea!! A few more months of crawling is OK with me. She does really well with her schedule when we stay home, but 3 days out of the week we're not home and she doesn't do as well on those days. On a typical day she wakes up around 8, then she takes her first nap from around 10-12. Then lunch and playing and another nap around 2:30-4:30. If she does well with that then she's up until bedtime at 8. On a day that she hasn't taken good naps she still needs an early evening nap. She's still pretty happy and loves to crawl and explore. She loves to open the bathroom cabinet & take everything out. I guess we're going to have to invest in some baby locks, because I'm sick of cleaning it up everyday. She's a pretty funny girl. Here are a couple of pics of her and her vampire pic is on here too.

first piggy tails

I vwant to suck your blood!!

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Lyndsey said...

She is getting so big and cute! When will y'all be back to TN for a visit?