Thursday, January 15, 2009

First tooth

As I am trying to catch up in the blogging world I thought I would post a sweet picture of Peyton's 1st tooth. It started breaking through before Christmas, but took a while to be photographed because it was so tiny. Last Tuesday she decided she would have 3 more break through all on one day and handled it with basically no crying. The funny thing is the top teeth that decided to break through are her fang teeth (incisors maybe). So now I call her my little vampire. When they get a little bigger I'll try to get a picture before any others can break through. So if you're counting she now has 4 teeth. The fangs on top and the 2 front teeth on the bottom.

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Kara Clayton said...

Such a sweet pic! That's how Corbin got his teeth...a bunch at a time. By the time he was one he already had a mouthful of teeth! I pray you are doing well, we need to get together and catch up and let the kids play!